Yamaha CN216 SW Upright Piano

The Yamaha CN126 SW is the newest among the Cable-Nelso pianos and is assembled with expressively designed instruments by Yamaha that ensure a 10 year guarantee of quality support services.  It is making a huge major advantage with Cable-Nelson pianos, which completed great distinction on its qualities, such as: the cabinet is made up of satin walnut and has a free standing leg, it has a copper wound bass strings and built with care and inspiration.

  • Covered with Full Perimeter Plate
  • Cantilevered Bass Bridge
  • Superior Woods
  • Acoustibars
  • Extruded Aluminum Action Rail
  • Built with Copper Wound Bass Strings
  • Satin Walnut Finish (CN216SW)
  • Hardwood Bridges
  • Oblique edge music rest
  • Inclusive with Bench
  • 10-Year Service Warranty
  • Responsive Yamaha Piano Service Support
Soundboard: Dimension
Material Premium Woods
Back Post Material
Plate Full Perimeter Plate
Bridge Material Cantilevered Bass Bridge
Pinblock Material
Tuning Pins Cut Thread
Center Pedal Mute
Metal Action Rail Yes
Seasoned for destination Yes
Soft- Close Fallboard Yes
Keyboard 88 keys
Pedals 3 Pedals
Finishes Satin Walnut Finish (CN216SW)
Height 45”
Width 60”
Length 22”
Weight 465lbs.