Irmler P122E Professional Upright Piano

The Irmler P122E is a professional upright piano with the professional pianist in mind. The long lasting resonance combined with a clarity of tone makes this piano the ideal choice for the discerning pianist. The star of the Irmler range, excellent value for money, warm sound, thomann balanced touch, prime quality materials.

  • Professional Upright Piano
  • Hardware is solid brass, large casters
  • Pedals are Sustain, Sostenuto and Soft
  • With a Soft close fallboard
  • With additional accesories
  • Carefully programmed regulation
  • Free delivery depending on the location
  • With Warranty
Soundboard: Dimension
Material Solid Spruce
Ribs Solid Spruce, pre-crowned, notched into the inner rim
Bridges Hard Rock Maple with Maple cap
Pinblock Multi-laminate
Tuning Pins German steel, nickel-chrome plated
Iron Frame Traditional sand cast iron
Frame Maple with Spruce beams
Treble Strings Drawn German steel
Bass Strings Copper wound on German steel
Action Renner – Made in Germany
Hammers Long-grained, all wool fibers, German made Abel or Wurzen
Finishes Polished Black with brass detail
Height 122 cm
Length 150 cm
Depth  61 cm