Kawai KX-10 Upright Piano

This Kawai KX-10 has a very good sound quality for a small price. The KX range of pianos are designed to meet the needs of schools, universities, professionals and parents who need an excellent, cost effective piano. These pianos are extremely good value for money but still have the characteristic tone and touch that differentiates Kawai as a top international brand. It is available in standard ebony gloss finish.

  • Professional Upright
  • Ideal for all level students
  • Ideal for Beginners, home schooling,
  • Best for professional institutions and  grand concert
  • Standard ebony gloss finish
  • with matching stool and black cloth cover
  • Free Delivery
Materialstraight-grained spruce
Back Post Materialstraight-grained spruce
V-Pro PlateYes
Bridge Materialhard Rock Maple
Pinblock Materialhard Rock Maple
Tuning PinsCut Thread
Center Pedalpractice
Metal Action RailYes
Seasoned for destinationYes
Soft- Close FallboardYes
Keyboard88 keys
PedalsSoft, practice and sustain
FinishesStandard ebony gloss finish
Height110 cm
Width146 cm
Depth54 cm
Weight172 Kg