Yamaha C1 Grand Piano

Yamaha C1 is the smallest of Yamaha‘s Conservatoire models, this piano offers all the quality features you would expect from a Yamaha Grand piano. Its compact design allows it to fit into a more limited space, perfect for the home or other smaller venues. Yamaha’s quality is shown in this model from soundboard design to string configuration and hammer-felt density. Yamaha piano actions are famed for their responsive sensitivity, rapid repetition and uniform feel, as well as for their reliable performance over time. This piano is made to the highest standards and will suit any level of pianist. Above all it will make a beautiful piece of furniture that will enhance any room.

  • Made in Japan
  • Superior quality frame
  • With radial back posts for added strength and rigidity
  • Adjustable plate mounting system
  • Beautifully crafted fine-grained spruce timber soundboard
  • Steel wire strings, wound with pure copper for the lower registers
  • Nickel plated tuning pins
  • Hammers faced with premium quality felt
  • T-fastened to hardwood heads and shanks
  • Anti-warp keyframe construction
  • 3 pedals – centre pedal: sostenuto
  • Matching adjustable bench
  •  An exceptional choice for the all levels of pianist
  •  Fully restored just like new
  • Yamaha ultra responsive action
  • Seasoned for destination
  • Caster Cups per set
  • Heater  per unit
  • Piano Keys Cover per unit
  • With warranty
Soundboard: Dimension
Material Solid Spruce
Back Post Material Spruce
Plate V-Pro Plate
Full length bridge Yes
Bridge Material Hard Maple
Pinblock Material Hard Rock Maple
Tuning Pins Cut Thread
String Solid copper wound bass string
Center Pedal Practice
Aluminum alloy Action Rail Yes
Seasoned for destination Yes
Soft- Close Fallboard Yes
Inner rim 18 layers of laminated hardwood
Keyboard 88 keys NEOTEX
Pedals Half blow, celeste and a sustain pedal (3)
Finishes Black High Gloss Finish
Width 149cm
Depth 161cm
Height 101cm
Weight 290kg