Blüthner Model 4 Grand Piano

For all professional requirements, the Blüthner Model 4 fits the demands of larger music rooms, smaller concert halls or music studios. Its 210cm length gives more power to its lyrical tone qualities so that it can more than meet the needs of the most serious pianists. Similarly possessed of an aliquot scale in the treble which gives it a lovely sweet, twinkly quality, this piano is designed for use in giving concerts in small auditoria, and thus has a tonal palette which allows louder fortissimos, and quieter pianissimos, in short finer control for the pianist to communicate his message.

  • Concert Grand
  • Aliquot System
  • Warm rich tone with superb bass
  • Has singing treble and tenor.
  • keyboard is made of close grain spruce
  • Each key stick is layered with red beech for strength
  • exposed part of the key is covered with acrylic material
  • Blüthner patent action
  • Standard roller action
  • With 5 year warranty
MaterialSpruce (cylindrical curvature)
Back Post Materialsolid centre of red beech
PlateHarp plate
Bridge MaterialEuropean Maple
Pinblock MaterialHard Rock Maple
Tuning PinsCut Thread (passes Iron frame)
Wrest plankMade of 36 highly compressed hardwood layers cross-banded
Center PedalPractice
Metal Action RailYes
Seasoned for destinationYes
Soft- Close FallboardYes
Inner rim18 layers of laminated hardwood
Keyboard88 keys NEOTEX
PedalsSoft, full sostenuto and sustain
FinishesEbony polished finish, black polished, walnut root polished
Length210cm  (6’10”)