Kawai GX7 Grand Piano

The Kawai GX7 7’7″ grand piano replaces the Kawai RX7 model.   At the lofty pinnacle of the GX-7 speaks with the transcendent character and authority that has made it the definitive choice of professional pianists. In order to produce a better sound, the GX Series grand pianos have a thicker frame, which enhances the strength and rigidity or the piano. Inspired by Kawai’s methods of origin, the time-honoured techniques of the piano craft acquired over decades of passionate striving, they are completed by a visionary commitment to technological mastery.

  • Ultra-Responsive Action II
  • Dedicated frame GX
  • 88 keys (7 1/4 octaves)
  • Three pedal including sostenuto
  • Aliquot method
  • GX only hammer
  • Remote hammer shank reinforcement
  • Fine ivory white keys (antibacterial effect)
  • Fine ebony black keys (antibacterial effect)
  • Fall soft keyboard cover
  • 5-stage music stand angle
  • Double caster
Material Spruce
Back Post MaterialSpruce
V-Pro PlateYes
Bridge MaterialHard Rock Maple
Pinblock MaterialHard Rock Maple
Tuning PinsCut Thread
Center PedalPractice
Metal Action RailYes
Seasoned for destinationYes
Soft- Close FallboardYes
Keyboard88 keys NEOTEX
PedalsSoft, full sostenuto and sustain
FinishesEbony Gloss or Oak Satin
Weight400 kg