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It’s always suggested to hire trained piano mover or transporter when it comes to moving your precious instrument. We understand that pianos are considered vulnerable item. We have a team of professionals that undergo a special heavy moving accreditation before moving your piano. We have perfected the piano removal system and huge truck to make it more efficient and easy on you. To give you a better experience, we have a No-Damage guarantee contract. We assure that your precious piano is transported safely to your desired location with ease giving you piece of mind.

piano moving
piano moving

Keeping the piano well tuned is essential for its sound to remain rich and soulful. For anyone who plays regularly or who is taking piano lessons, it is recommended that the instrument be tuned at least every (6) six months. Bringing the piano to pitch and keeping it regulated will insure that the notes are sounding the way they should. Leaving a piano below pitch, will disqualify it for being used in any quality music ensemble but will also confuse the learner as well as other musicians that may be involved in its use. It is essential to insure that your piano will be tuned by an n experienced tuner and one whose passion is inclined for the craft of tuning.

tuning grand piano
piano tuning

Pianos are delicate instruments that require care and maintenance. The four most compelling reasons to have your piano restored are quality, investment, lifespan and heirloom value. If you’re serious about restoring your piano you will need to find a professional piano restoration company that is reliable and performs their work in a timely manner. If you value your piano and want the best, WE can provide you with the great service you need. We specialize in piano restoration and adhere to the highest restoration standards.

Renting a piano is a cheaper alternative instead of buying a new one especially if you are still learning to play the instrument. Apart from the affordability of renting a piano, you also have the freedom to choose from a variety of piano available. We have wide selections of upright, baby grand and grand piano from different piano brands like Yamaha, Kawai, Sheigeru Kawai, Irmler and Bluthner. We pride ourselves on providing concert-standard instruments and service with every hire. We accept both short term and long term hire to a wide range of players. If you are looking to hire a piano for any occasion, just give us a Call.

If your piano needs to be repaired we have professional technicians who can help you with your problem. Armed with the necessary piano repair tools right for the job our technicians inspect your piano for FREE and you’ll be informed immediately if there are parts to be replaced or needs to be fixed.