Irmler F160 Studio Grand Piano

The model F160 Studio presents a pleasant touch and a harmonious sound. Select materials and fine craftsmanship make this instrument one of the best in its class. Playing the first notes on this Irmler will make you experience a completely new musical sensation. Functional design and care in the manufacture, set the pace in modern piano making.

  • Hardware is solid brass, large casters
  • Pedals are Sustain, Sostenuto and Soft
  • With a Soft close fallboard
  • Suited to the ambitious player
  • Designed for all levels
  • Carefully programmed regulation
  • From a powerful construction to ensure lasting satisfaction.
  • With accessories
  •  With Warranty
Soundboard: Dimension
Material Solid Spruce
Ribs Solid Spruce, pre-crowned, notched into inner rim
Bridges Hard Rock Maple with Maple cap
Pinblock Multi-laminate
Tuning Pins German steel, nickel-chrome plated
Iron Frame Traditional sand cast iron
Frame Maple with Spruce beams
Treble Strings Drawn German steel
Bass Strings Copper wound on German steel
Action Renner – Made in Germany
Hammers Long-grained, all wool fibers, German made Abel or Wurzen
Finishes White Polish, Walnut Polish, Mahogany Polish, Ebony Polish
Height 102 cm
Length 160cm
Width 150cm