Kawai K-6 Upright Piano

At 132cm the K-6 is rated as a professional level upright. It includes features from grand piano design, such as, aggraffes and a treble duplex scaling. Given the size of the piano it is a viable alternative to a baby grand.  The action produced by this piano was carefully evaluated to meet the strict demands of a skilled pianist. It has a “Soft Fall” Fallboard closing system that protects players’ hands and fingers, as well as protecting the piano’s finish from the harm often caused by jarring.

  • Professional Upright
  • With an upper panel hard finish
  • Appropriate for all level students
  • Recommended for home family piano
  • Ideal for professional a pianist
  • With Kawai Millennium III Ultra Responsive Action
  • Standard Fallboard
  • 6 Backposts
  • Ebony Polish
  • Keys are leadless, weight-adjusted acrylic
  • with matching stool and black cloth cover
  • Caster is double brass
  • Free Delivery
Soundboard: Dimension
Material Solid spruce
Back Post Material Straight-grained spruce
V-Pro Plate Yes
Bridge Material Hard Rock Maple
Pinblock Material Hard Rock Maple
Tuning Pins Cut Thread
Center Pedal Practice
Metal Action Rail Yes
Seasoned for destination Yes
Soft- Close Fallboard Yes
Keyboard 88 keys
Pedals Soft, practice and sustain
Finishes Ebony Polish
Height 132 cm
Width 154 cm
Depth 65 cm
Weight 254 Kg