Casio LK-100 – Key Lighting Keyboards

This 61 Lighted Personal Keyboard Casio LK-100 has been designed for those who want to learn and play fast. The 3 step lesson system with 100 tones and 50 rythms help the learner to understand and learn the keyboard easily, which is the unique quality of this keyboard. It develops anyone’s music ability as the keys lighten up and ensure no mistake while someone is playing. This keyboard also detects, if a person is playing a wrong note, and helps him or her to rectify the same.

  • Microphone jack
  • Three-Step Lesson
  • LCD Time Indicator (LCD)
  • Voice Fingering Guide
  • Right / left hand part selection buttons
Keyboard 61 full-size keys
Maximum Polyphony 12
Tones 100 built-in tones
Rhythms/Patterns 50 built-in rhythms
Auto Accompaniment
  • Modes: CASIO Chord, Fingered
  • Controllers: Start/Stop, Synchro/Fill-in
Built-in Songs 100 (Song Bank)
Lesson Function
  • 3-step lesson
  • Timing indicator (LCD)
  • Voice fingering guide

(Lesson part: right hand/left hand)

Key Transpose F# to C to F:half-note
Tuning Control A4 = approximatery 440 Hz ± 50 cents
Pedals Standard jack (sustain, soft, sostenuto, start/stop)
Display Screen LCD
  • GM Compatibility: No
  • Terminals: MIDI IN/OUT
  • Notes: 5 multi-timbre receive
Speakers 10cm x 2
Amp Output 2W + 2W
Input/Output Terminals
  • Headphones (standard stereo jack)
  • Mic in
  • Sustain/assignable
  • External power (9V DC)
Power Requirements Batteries: AA-sizex6/Optional AC adaptor: AD-5
Included Accessories Song book, music stand
Dimensions (W x D x H) 945 x 373 x 135 mm
*Excluding music stand, and other projections
Weight 4.7 kg (Excluding batteries)