Yamaha P660 Upright Piano

Yamaha P660 is designed for its meticulously crafted artistry and with quality fine natural wood fixed lasting exquisiteness, resounding and has its receptive touch.  An extraordinary furniture having built with Yamaha keyboards that usually has a speedily response in giving and recognizing fast recurrence for sophisticated music piece.  This is also identified to be one of the best choices among all fine pianos with the paramount tone and sound intensification.

  • Packed internal ribs into a notched liner
  • Hard spruce soundboard and ribs
  • Acoustibars
  • Compact copper wound bass strings
  • Solid maple bridges
  • Aluminum alloy action rails
  • Yamaha balanced action
  • Spruce keys with hardwood buttons
  • Grand piano key travel
  • Tuning pins cut thread
  • Middle Pedal Mute
  • Yamaha designed hammers with T-fasteners
  • Vacuum Shield Mold Process (V-Pro) plate
MaterialSolid Spruce
Hammer Weight in lbs.14
Back Post MaterialSpruce
V-Pro PlateYes
Bridge MaterialHard Maple
Pinblock MaterialHard Maple
Tuning PinsCut Thread
Seasoned for DestinationYes
Keyboard88 keys
Middle PedalMute
FinishesQueen Anne Brown Cherry, Sheraton Mahogany
Seasoned for DestinationYes