Yamaha GC2 Grand Piano

Yamaha GC2 has a compacted spruce soundboard and ribs that holds the strong foundation of the piano tone.  Designed with solid supported key frames and secured key frame pin with adaptable guide that generates a very fine modification in resounding the tunes of the piano keys. Yamaha GC2 piano has the advantage of having a combination of duplex surmounting and rich tonal personality.

  • Radical scale design
  • Soft-Close fallboard
  • Have a complete tone collector system
  • Dovetail joints
  • Firm maple bridge and caps
  • Duplex scaling
  • Strong copper wound bass strings
  • Equipped with aluminum alloy action rails
  • Yamaha balanced action
  • Spruce keys with hardwood buttons
  • Premium Yamaha designed hammers with T-fasteners
  • Hammer shanks that are specially designed.
  • Sostenuto
  • Cut thread tuning pins
  • Polyester finish
  • Resin sheet foundation
  • Lid prop stopper
  • Firm brass casters
  • Vacuum Shield Mold Process (V-Pro) plate
Soundboard:MaterialPremium Woods
Key SurfacesWhite: Acrylic Resin, Black: Phenolic Resin
Duplex ScalingYes
Tone CollectorYes
Music Desk Positions5
Lid Prop Positions3
Lid Prop Safety StopYes
Lid EdgeSculptured
Soft-Close FallboardYes
Lid/Fallboard LocksYes
Center PedalSostenuto
Cabinet FinishesPolished Ebony, Satin Ebony, Satin American Walnut, Polished American Walnut, Polished White, Polished Ivory, Polished Mahogany and Satin Mahogany.
Also available asDisklavier E3 Series: DGC2E3