Yamaha DS6E3PRO PE

The production of Yamaha DS6E3PRO PE is built with a strong features associated with the Disklavier E3.  This model is expressively enhanced by the piano engineers of Yamaha to make the music performance even more powerful.  Yamaha DS6E3PRO PE is primarily furnished with a Disklavier that eases and comforts the use of the piano through the advanced technology and its accessibility to make the performance of the piano even more commendable.

  • Genuine built-in Yamaha speaker system
  • Stress-free controls
  • Innovative display panel
  • Clear and logical laid-out remote
  • Well-suited with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
  • Controllable basic functions such as media select, start/stop, tempo/Transpose, New Recording, Connect to Disklavier Radio, Volume Control and more.
  • Whisper-soft sounds
  • CD synchronize recording
Soundboard:MaterialPremium Woods
Number of Keys88
Key surfacesWhite: Ivorite / Black: Wood Composite
Cabinet FinishPolished Ebony
Hammer SensorsNon-contact optical fiber/grayscale shutter sensing system
Key SensorsNon-contact optical fiber/grayscale shutter sensing system for 88 keys (senses the key position, keying velocity, and key releasing velocity)
Pedal sensorsDamper & shift pedals: Noncontact optical position-sensingSostenuto pedal:  Optical ON/OFF detection sensing system
Key DriversDSP servo drive system (high-power servo controlled) solenoids
Pedal DriversDSP servo drive system (servo controlled solenoids)
Piano Silencing MechanismMotor-driven hammer shank stopper
Lid Prop Positions3
Lid Prop Safety StopYes
Lid/Fallboard LocksYes
Soft-Close FallboardYes