Yamaha DCFXE3PRO is designed based through the advanced technology having the application collaborated and visualized by the Internet.  Basically, this has been built to utilize as a standard remote lesson that takes simultaneously diagonally to any topographical distances. Mainly, the Yamaha DCFXE3PRO is crucial for teaching and entertainment applications, which can be synchronized with an unconditionally defined replica by the piano.

  • Play whisper-soft sounds
  • Internet Direct Connection (IDC)
  • Uninterrupted streams of music over 25 different channels
  • Angled speakers
  • Easy-to-see display panel (organic electro-luminescent display)
  • CD synchronize recording
  • Remotely can be used through an iPhone, iPod touch or an iPad
  • Amplified speaker systems
  • Sleek and elegant controls
  • Control Disklavier functions
Soundboard:MaterialPremium Woods
Number of Keys88
Key SurfacesWhite: Ivorite / Black: WPC
Hammer SensorsNoncontact optical fiber/grayscale shutter sensing system for 88 keys (senses the key position, keying velocity, and key releasing velocity)
Pedal SensorsDamper & Shift pedals: Noncontact optical position-sensing Sostenuto pedal: Optical ON/OFF detection sensing system
Key DriversDSP servo drive system (servocontrolled solenoids)
Pedal DriversDSP servo drive system (servocontrolled solenoids)
HammerCX Series Special
CasterDouble Caster
Back Post4
Lid Prop Safety StopYes
Lid/Fallboard LocksYes
Soft-Close FallboardYes
Piano Silencing MechanismMotor-driven hammer shank stopper
Tone Generating TechnologyAdvanced Wave Memory 2 (AWM2)
Number of Polyphony32
Featured VoicesNormal Voices: 676 Drum Voices: 21 kits total
Overall Control TuningsSet at A=440, tunable+/-50cents in 1-cent increment
Internal Memory128MB
CDAudio CD (ISO 9600-complaints), Data CD (ISO 9600-Level1-complaint)
USB Flash Memory (Optional)Yamaha does not assure the operation of the commercially available USB flash memories.
USB Hard Disk (Optional)FAT 32 format (Yamaha does not assure the operation of the commercially available USB hard disks).
USB Floppy Disk Drive (Optional)Yamaha UD-FD01 floppy drive (Yamaha does not assure the operation of other commercially available USB floppy drives)
Power RequirementsLocal AC current, 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Included AccessoriesControl Unit (1), control unit suspension bracket (1), monitor speaker (2), monitor speaker installation kit (1), speaker cord (2), remote control (1), battery for remote control (2), sample Pianosoft CD software (2), quick reference (1), operation manual (1), stereo headphones (1).