Yamaha C6X Grand Piano

Innovator by its own craft, the Yamaha C6X was astonishingly designed and built by piano engineers with great importance and quality.  This is among the CX series pianos that shades in the player’s targets and normally dazzles them in the gravity and forecast of the tune. It provides an appealing effect to music piano players because of the ground-breaking new music wire that sustain and holds the harmony in place of the Yamaha C6X.

  • Lid prop Stopper furnished
  • Soft landing mechanism on the fallboard
  • Fix Pedal Box
  • Ivorite white key surface
  • Usual ebony black key surface
  • Available with different tonal colors
  • Communicative sound
  • Durable and strong modern piano frame
  • Hard-wearing piano soundboard
  • Thicker back frame
  • Great hammers
  • Cutting edge music wire
  • Double caster
Soundboard: Material Premium Woods
Hammer CX Series Special
Key Surfaces White: Ivorite, Black: Wood Composite
Pedal Sostenuto/Damper/Shift
Keyboard 88 keys
Key Surfaces White/Black Ivorite/WPC
Finishes Polished
Caster Double Caster
Lid – Prop Safety Stop Yes
Lid/Fallboard Locks Yes
Soft-Close Fallboard Yes
Frame V-pro
Back Post 4
Height 40 1/2”
Width 61”
Length 7’
Weight 893lbs