Yamaha C1X Grand Piano

Yamaha has been creating amazing grand pianos that provides outstanding music performances such as the Yamaha CX series.  The Yamaha C1X is primarily formed with originality having its combination on the speed and velocity of the pedals that are being applied to the keys carrying out variety of tonal changes unlike from current digital technology.  Above all, the Yamaha C1X has been designed with its unparalleled voicing and key tunings for enthusiast pianists who can easily carried to the strings.

  • Equipped with Lid prop Stopper
  • Fallboard with soft landing mechanism
  • Solid Pedal Box
  • Ivorite white keys
  • Natural ebony black keys
  • Clear range of tonal colors and nuance expressive sound
  • Durable and strong modern piano frame
  • Strong piano soundboard
  • 20% thicker back frame
  • Great hammers
  • Utilizes music wire
Soundboard:MaterialPremium Woods
HammerCX Series Special
Key SurfacesWhite: Ivorite, Black: Wood Composite
Keyboard88 keys
Key Surfaces White/BlackIvorite/WPC
CasterSingle Caster
Lid – Prop Safety StopYes
Lid/Fallboard LocksYes
Soft-Close FallboardYes
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