There are many reasons to play the piano. Studies have shown that children who play a musical instrument are more likely to succeed academically, especially in mathematics, science and language arts. Playing the piano in particular can help to improve children’s self esteem, concentration and memory. It is also an excellent way to strengthen their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Playing the piano also helps to develop communications skills and improve in positive emotions such as joy and happiness.

Adults can also enjoy therapeutic physical effects from playing the piano. It is an excellent form of stress relief and can help lower heart and respiratory rates, blood pressure, reduce cardiac complications and anxiety. Piano playing also brings about an increase in work ethic, self reliance and perseverance.

Besides, playing the piano is certainly one of life’s pleasures. It provides the platform for creative endeavors and an outlet to express one’s feelings. People are generally drawn towards the sound of a piano, enjoying it at recitals or gathering around a piano at parties. Playing the piano professionally can even be a source of income.

The piano has brought joy and added beauty to so many homes for more than two hundred years now and counting.  Given the vast benefits of playing the piano, it would continue to have a lasting impact in our lives.