A name that lives up to its promise of providing reliable instruments that outshine through romantic sound and rich music, Petrof is a unique blend of German roots and Czech musical traditions. Due to this, the brand is exceptionally demanding in the marketplace.

Since the time when Gerhard Wein started his original organ making workshop in the Weinbach region of Germany in 1887, the brand’s popularity has only grown. Wein hired two assistants who were apprentice to piano makers in Vienna. Their craftsmanship led them to exclusively produce pianos by 1893, thus spreading the brand name across Europe and further to the American market.

The founder’s sons kept their father’s dedication and hard work that has called the entire world to recognize Weinbach pianos’ unmistakable sound to this very day. The uniqueness of this brand made it an ideal choice for music schools and experienced pianists alike.

When it comes to the brand name, Weinbach merged into Petrof back in 1956 and headed towards selling mid-range pianos. The upright and grand pianos are designed by Petrof’s development department further moving semi-finished in a leading Chinese piano factory. The prime reason for such a move is to ensure the conformity with Petrof’s technology center’s technical documentation.

The construction gets complete in the Czech Republic where in Petrof factory everything is well taken care of – from their sound to precision to anything in between so it appeals to all types of pianists alike. Weinbach pianos are constructed on the basis of Petrof instruments giving them rich tone and extraordinary stability.