Shigeru Kawai is the son of Koichi Kawai founder of Kawai piano company. Shiegeru succeeded the company when his father died in October of 1955 at the age of 70. At the age of 33 he continued his father’s legacy and led his family’s company into the empire of modern manufacturing.From small beginnings, building on a passion for music and a commitment to investment in new technologies and the skills of its workforce, he kept alive his father’s original dream, which was to one day build the finest piano in the world.

Now, Kawai has grown to become the second largest musical instrument maker in the world. With growing exports to more than 80 countries, the name Kawai is synonymous with superior, technologically advanced pianos.The Shigeru Kawai piano is handcrafted by an exceptional and unique breed of craftsman. They are named as Master Piano Artisans (or MPAs). There are only twenty of them in the company. Each one oversee the formation and completion of a given instrument before placing their name on a personal biography that follows the piano wherever it goes

There are six exquisite choices in the Shigeru Kawai model range. From the graceful SK-2 Classic Salon Grand to the majestic SK-EX Concert Grand, this collected works of amazing instruments is sure to provide the perfect sound for any grand show and every musical dream to bring it to reality.
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