In 1927 Koichi Kawai started the Kawai Musical Instrument Research Laboratory with several other men. Kawai’s career in making piano started when he was a pre-teen. He was recruited by Torakusu Yamaha as apprentice in his piano workshop. The young man worked hard and was a key factor in the production of many award-winning pianos by Nippon Gakki Co., founded by Yamaha.

Years later Yamaha had passed on and the company was in trouble due to a difficult economy. Kawai then, decided to work on his own projects. His goal was to create a better piano. He went on doing what he loves and his first success was the creation of the very first piano action in Japan. This event in his life allowed him to build cheaper but with good quality pianos. Within a year, the lab began to turn out upright pianos and then with a grand piano. Three years after the World War II Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing, Ltd. was able to return to the production of musical instruments. It didn’t take long for the business to recover and soon they had over 500 employees and were producing 1,500 pianos per year.

Kawai developed and built his first concert piano, which won the Blue Ribbon Medal of Honor. Just two years later, Koichi Kawai passed away and his son, Shigeru, took over the company. He transformed the family business into something more modern by creating new techniques and combining the original handcrafted quality with faster, more high tech production.Today the quest for perfection among Kawai pianos is evident. Every instrument had been produced from a rigid and strict production. That is why even their used pianos are an excellent investment for the beginner, semi-professional or professional player.

Since 1969 there are Kawai produce pianos made not only in Japan, but also in the United States every wood used in the production are treated depending on the country where it will be sold. The company had preserved and uphold its excellent reputation for design and quality. Their pianos are of the highest quality compared to pianos that are manufactured in countries like China or Indonesia.

The materials used are high grade and are more reliable and more responsive to every user’s need. These pianos are built to last a lifetime especially if serviced and tuned on a regular basis. You are assured that every piano is prepared, regulated and tuned very well. They won’t sacrifice their name in just a piece of low grade manufactured instrument. Every piece passed the quality control.

That is why all Kawai pianos come with a warranty and matching piano bench.  The amazing quality of Kawai pianos stems from the careful dedication of the company to maintaining the impressive sound. It’s a sound that has been described as a mantle of velvet. It is something that every pianist must experience personally in order to understand.

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