Johann Christian Gottlieb is the founder of the Irmler. He established his company in the musical city of Leipzig. Leipzig is a city in the federal state of Saxony, Germany. In just few years from the company’s establishment his instruments expanded and has achieve great popularity.

He acquired an early expansion of his old factory due to so many incoming orders. These events lead him to purchase the nearby vicinity and new factory including a steam power station was built during the next 5 years. This major investment underlined the growing demand for his instruments in these early years.

These days, the company flourish its success due to its high quality instruments. The availability of its high rate products are in demand. The finest materials were handpicked in order to produce an exquisite creation. An Irmler is always created from an elegant and relaxing environment.

Irmler Pianos are made to be authentic with their unique sound properties. High level degree of skill onto their craft coupled with modern technology is the reason of their success. You will be mesmerized by the tone o f music it produce as well as with its artistic qualities. The value of your money is their main concern. Paired with their long-standing experience in traditional German piano craftsmanship Irmler delivers an instrument that will last a lifetime.

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