Best sound, matchless quality, and remarkable performance! That’s exactly what Baldwin pianos stand for i.e. famous for their tone, touch, and durability.

When the company commenced in 1862, Dwight Hamilton Baldwin (a Cincinnati-based piano teacher) launched a Decker Brothers Dealership. After hiring Lucien Wulsin as his clerk, the association gave birth to a venture that was ultimately named D.H. Baldwin & Company.

The partnership resulted in establishing Baldwin pianos a recognized American piano company to manufacture and distribute high quality pianos, particularly handmade Artist Grands that are regarded as the finest pianos. The vertical pianos have beautiful cabinetry.

For over 150 years, Baldwin’s history is studded with great icons that made the brand their only choice including Aaron Copeland, Ben Folds, Marian McPartland, Dave Brubeck, and Miley Cyrus. Thus, Baldwin has become the piano of choice for the notable artists.

Baldwin pianos have scalable design i.e. they have specifications for aspects like the exact shape of the sound board, thickness of the rims and bracing, the placement of the bridges and ribs, and the length of the strings. This implies they having the perfect recipe when it comes to manufacturing the piano. Furthermore, scalable design is also the most important aspect of their technology. Amongst the significant innovations lie the Synchro-tone bass strings and Accu-just hitchpins.

Simply put, the brand is highly recognized and admired that the fans love the big “American” sound of the instruments, especially the clear “bell-like” quality in the high treble end and the sound in the bass area.