Baby grand’s are popular because of their unique appearance as a highly desirable piece of furniture. When people spend on a baby grand piano they are usually making a furniture decision. It is because they are easy to put up and visually more inviting to play than upright pianos.

They also serve as an effective action upgrade from an upright to grand, providing the player more touch response and efficiency. But take note that the tone of a baby grand is very different not necessarily better in all respects to an upright piano of similar price.

On Upright Pianos the vertical size are more economical for small spaces. They can fit in most homes easily and often come in a variety of finishes like the grand piano. Unlike the grand, the strings are vertical and the hammer hits them at the side, making them less harmonious than the gravity-controlled horizontal strings. They are better suited for slower piano techniques, but still can produce amazing sound when well-cared for.

Please be careful when buying a baby grand piano, manufacturers are aware that people like the “idea” of the baby grand piano because of the attractive design you see on its appearance. However inside is a low quality piano. It is because they know that customers will not be spending hours assessing the touch or tone and so the pianos are made to cheap standards

If you have the money to buy a high quality baby grand piano that has been made in Japan or Germany then you should consider that as a serious option. A new one is expensive over used ones. Don’t settle for a low price but has a poor quality inside.  I suggest you sit down and play for you to get your money’s value.

Be warned, there are pianos that are built to make your eyes love it however consider your ears or fingers and think of the musicality. Bigger pianos are better than smaller pianos. The same is true with upright pianos. It is recommended that you should try and get a piano that is above 130cm high. If that is too much for your home then you should certainly stay above 120cm.

When choosing an instrument, it is important to discuss with the salesman about your piano techniques, ultimate goals, budget, and space issues. Buying the right type of piano is as important as learning a piano. USED PIANO MALAYSIA offer different piano products as per your requirements. We have the most popular brands like Yamaha, Kawai, Shigeru Kawai, Irmler and Bluthner. Call us now and we will help you choose the right piano.