Manufactured by Toyo Piano Company, Apollo pianos are believed to be as famous as Yamaha and Kawai not only in the local market but also overseas. Operating since 1948, Toyo pianos have developed a number of unique piano mechanisms for ensuring remarkable performance. Amongst them, the well-known systems are S.S.S (Slide Soft System) and M.O.T (Mute One Touch).

Apollo’s M.O.T system is unique that it raises efficiency because of the need for a single push of the mute pedal to keep the position intact when compared to the ordinary upright piano that is pushed down and shifted to the side to maintain its position.

When it comes to S.S.S for Apollo upright pianos, this mechanism is built to function the same way as a grand piano’s soft pedal does. That is, it shifts the inner action and keys to the side in order to soften the notes. In case of the ordinary upright pianos, hammers are reset in their position so they move closer to the strings. Since the S.S.S function closely matches to that of a grand piano, it is highly recommended for advanced piano students.

Since the above mentioned are some exclusive features of Apollo pianos that you won’t find in Kawai and Yamaha pianos; therefore, we highly encourage you to try these pianos for its superb engineering and unique system that is sure to create satisfaction.